Are your products only for dachshunds?

While we were inspired to create accessories small enough to fit our mini dachshund pup, our collars and walking accessories are sized perfectly to fit any small dog. Simply check the measurements/ sizing guide section in any product description on our site or visit our Sizing Guide page to make sure the accessory will fit your pup before placing your order. 


How do I get featured on your Instagram?

We love to repost adorable puppy pics from our community. To be featured on our page, simply tag us in your photo @dachavenue. We LOVE to see your pics with our products in them and will always repost the ones we see!

I'm still waiting on my order - where can I check the progress?
If you would like an update on the location of one of your orders or your order has taken unusually long to arrive, please feel free to contact us at woof@dachavenue.com